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Tools For Transformation

An online course for individuals couples businesses

An online course for

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Susan Day

For 17 years I’ve had the privilege of helping individuals and businesses get unstuck. Men and women of many diverse ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds have come to me with the common problem of feeling stuck in their life. Through my life experiences, training, and practice I have become ever more passionate and skilled in helping people get unstuck.

“I don’t tell clients what they need to do or stop doing – I give them tools for their own transformation.”

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about the Course

Tools For Transformation

For years, so many of my clients have asked me to make my tools available online for more people to access. The timing has never been right until now. I’m SO excited to get this into your hands!

  • 12 days of lessons
  • Over 75 minutes of content
  • Lifetime access
  • Tools are applicable for individuals, couples, and business leaders













“What is it costing you to stay stuck, year after year?”

unlock your potential

New Pricing During the Pandemic

Tools for Transformation » E-Course by Susan Day, Light of Day Coaching

Tools for Transformation

Lifetime Course Access
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • 12 lessons, 75+ minutes of content
  • Each video lesson sent daily (and always accessible in the course)
  • Note taking built-in


Special $150


What My Clients Say

Tools for Transformation 3
Susan was my life coach many years ago, about 12 years I believe. If it is trite to say that Susan changed my life, then so be it. To this day, I use the skills that we worked on together and I periodically take out my notebook from that time and read every entry. I get re-inspired each time, and it reminds me of the path I want to walk every day of my life. Working with Susan was the best investment in myself that I have ever made!
Tools for Transformation 4
Lois Orth-Zitoli
Business Owner
Tools for Transformation 3
It was with Susan's help, guidance and tutelage that I was truly able to “stand in my true light” and be the person that I've always wanted to be. She seeks out, and finds the very best each person has to offer and allows them to be that person all the time. Susan is a true professional that not only cares very deeply for each of her clients personally, but also respects their privacy and comfort level throughout the process. I feel fortunate for knowing Susan, but words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you Susan, for everything.
Tools for Transformation 6
Jeff Irwin
Marketing Manager
Tools for Transformation 3
Sometimes all that's needed to get out of the ruts we create for ourselves and move forward is a fresh perspective, a new set of eyes. Susan's got all the certifications but, more importantly, she brings years of corporate business experience and a solid objectivity to her coaching. Maybe you're facing a turning point in your personal life, struggling with an unfulfilling career, or trying to find a new career. Whatever the case, I recommend Susan.
Tools for Transformation 8
Kim Redmon
Manager & Consultant

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